Water RO Unit Installation Queen Creek, AZ | Fix Water Issues


Water RO Unit Installation Queen Creek, AZ | Troubleshooting Issues

  • Common RO filter problems: low water production, leaks, bad tastes or smells
  • Fixes: inspect filters and parts, sanitize, and adjust water pressure.
  • Adair Plumbing handles full installs, repairs, and replacements.


Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration is popular in Queen Creek homes as it helps improve water taste by removing impurities. Yet, if you’re experiencing issues with your new or existing water RO unit installation, the licensed technicians at Adair Plumbing can troubleshoot and resolve them.

When installing a water RO unit, proper settings ensure optimal fittings performance. Afterward, we may still receive service calls for occasional maintenance or breakdowns. Some common RO problems homeowners experience are:


Low Water Production

The most likely culprit will be old or dirty pre-filter cartridges if your RO filter doesn't push enough water. Over time, sediment builds up and slows the flow of water. We’ll inspect and replace clogged pre-filters. Also, we check whether the storage tank bladder needs replacing to hold pressure. 

If you are experiencing low water production from your RO filter, Adair Plumbing can help. Our team will inspect and replace any clogged pre-filters to ensure optimal performance of your system. Additionally, we will check if the storage tank bladder needs replacing to maintain proper pressure. 


Leaks & Drips

It’s not unusual for fittings, tubing, or connections between RO components to loosen over time. We'll check and tighten all fittings and tubes if you spot any drips or moisture around the system. Keep an eye out for leaks stemming from cracked filter housings, too.


Bad Tastes & Smells

Unpleasant chlorine odors or tastes when drinking your RO water indicate it’s time to replace the exhausted carbon filter(s). Every 6–12 months is typical. We can replenish the vital carbon media that adsorbs impurities during the water filtration process.


Low Water Flow at Tap

Frustrated with your RO tap dispensing a slow trickle? Issues like crimped tubing or faulty check valves present simple fixes. Our technicians will isolate the component causing poor flow and replace the faulty parts.

Adair is aware of the inconvenience of RO troubles. So, Adair Plumbing is on hand to help residents of Queen Creek diagnose issues. Should you install a whole-home or under-sink water RO unit? Or even replacing defective filters and components, count on Adiar for reliable maintenance.



Where To Find The Best Water RO Unit Installation in Queen Creek?

We're available for after-hours emergency RO repairs as well. Our skilled technicians carry inventory for swapping out parts like membranes, pumps, and storage tanks if needed to restore your reverse osmosis water filtration capabilities.

Always remember that Adair Plumbing is your reliable partner in plumbing. Contact Adair Plumbing today for the best plumbing services in town. Also, you can check out more on Angie's List here.

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